jxdn - Pray (Official Video)

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If you are in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, you are not alone. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 to speak with a trained counselor. It’s free, confidential, and available 24/7. suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
listen to pray: jxdn.lnk.to/pray
Production Company: Infinity Studios ∞
Director: Mooch
Executive Producer: Nolan Riddle
Producer: No Crdntls
Director of Photography: Logan Meis
Steadicam Operator : Aser Santos Jr.
Production Designer: Rick Ramirez
titles: docxiv
Makeup - Melina Farhadi
Styling - Parker Noriega
heaven only knows when i'm in hell
none of my friends can even tell
i wanna fucking die but i never say it
sick of getting high but i do the same shit
i can't even cry so i try to fake it
i hate it
i pray to god let me die in my sleep
i pray to god let me die in my sleep
you're as sick as all the secrets you keep
but the truth is i don't wanna be me
i pray to god let me die in my sleep
now i'm waking up and i'm not dead
living off the words i know you said
i feel like i'm alive and i'm gonna make it
maybe if i cry i don't have to fake it
i'm giving up my pain so you can take it
i hate it
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i'm as sick as all the secrets i keep
but the truth is i can only be me
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
and now i'm sick of all the secrets i keep
i pray to god let me die in my

jxdn преди 6 месеца
w my heart & soul i love you donate if you can
Corinne Hawner
Corinne Hawner преди 6 дни
I love your music so much. I listen to it all day during school because it makes me happy. You are an amazing singer and songwriter to
Lucy Harumal
Lucy Harumal преди месец
Ilysm Jaden🥺❤
Heba Hasnain
Heba Hasnain преди месец
AMAZING SONG! love you jxdn!
Zaynab Ali
Zaynab Ali преди месец
So proud of you your music has stopped me from listening to anyone also everyone remember your not alone ❤️😔
Cierra Cook
Cierra Cook преди месец
Suicide prevention cause is very important to me because if my dad had known about the hotline he would have been heard
Cla'sha In the Middel
Cla'sha In the Middel преди 2 часа
Can we do a song together
Gwendolyn Beam
Gwendolyn Beam преди 7 часа
"You are not alone, if it's just me or if its millions of other people that are going through the same thing you are not alone, your needed and your loved, and I promise you it gets better" -Jxdn thanks Jaden I needed that... this is why I love him... He's sweet, caring, and amazing. He's so different from others. Jaden please don't change, your amazing the way you are. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing Idol. Ily Aren't we all??
Disha Vanel
Disha Vanel преди 15 часа
song got feels
Tyler Massengill
Tyler Massengill преди 21 час
Man I love what you are doing, reaching out trying to help others, but don’t forget to take care of yourself to. I know what true pain looks like and I could tell that you were not just acting, I could see the pain in your eyes. I know that you may think that you are doing fine but I just want you to make sure that you are ok.
Rosalie Champagne
Rosalie Champagne преди 22 часа
I felt this so deep 🥺
Rani Azeem
Rani Azeem преди ден
ahh fck Jaden i cry to this song almost every night than you so much Jaden even though u dont know it you have helped alot of ppl and we love you soo much carry on with what your doing we love you xx
team6 bitch
team6 bitch преди ден
when i said i cried i cried
Bernardo Parral
Bernardo Parral преди ден
He was just imagining how it would affect the ones who love him if he would've jumped off that bridge😔
Your local Kpop stan
Your local Kpop stan преди ден
I saw this when it first came out can’t wait to say I was here from the BEGINNING!
BabyTigers Roblox
BabyTigers Roblox преди ден
Jaden i'm crying because this song is so emotional and true.
Nay Flor
Nay Flor преди ден
I have proud of you boy!
Rj Gotham
Rj Gotham преди ден
Things aren’t getting any better. Things are getting worse and it’s hard to keep my composure and seem like nothing is wrong. It’s getting worse day by day. My thought process at the end of the day fucks my head up.
Ava Murphy
Ava Murphy преди ден
i love this song sm
kamy преди 2 дни
Hits different when your going through the same thing
Jesse Alyssa
Jesse Alyssa преди 2 дни
It's amazing how music can save someone.(me included)
Veronica Wood
Veronica Wood преди 2 дни
If your friends can't tell, get some new friends. We're here waiting for you
MerleWo преди 3 дни
I want to hug him ... I feel this song so much and I don't know why but the only thing what I want to do is hug him
Ava G
Ava G преди 3 дни
So touched im literaly crying 😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗
James Smith
James Smith преди 3 дни
Кучеряшка мой❤️🥺💔
nadia nadia
nadia nadia преди 3 дни
Love you
Unique Sanchezz
Unique Sanchezz преди 3 дни
Did realize how much pain I was in until people started asking me if I was okay and if I needed help. This song is very relatable
Vera_roblox преди 4 дни
this is one of my favorite songs
Erick Carr
Erick Carr преди 4 дни
I’m actually obsessed w ur music 🤧
Gabriela Alvarez
Gabriela Alvarez преди 5 дни
Byron Pollard
Byron Pollard преди 5 дни
0:51 is When the song actually starts
Stephen Youngstrom
Stephen Youngstrom преди 5 дни
My that is sad but I am their for ya.
kid . Unknown
kid . Unknown преди 5 дни
I love your music dude
Rachel Stewart
Rachel Stewart преди 6 дни
Awwwww💗💗💗💗💗💗 hope you get better
PCPol преди 6 дни
"Come on, man up!" "Boys don't cry" "Dry those tears" "Never show your weaknesses" Fuck off
Darina Kulik
Darina Kulik преди 6 дни
вау классная типа песня
Lyric Ashton
Lyric Ashton преди 6 дни
Wow all I can say is wow this is a message and y’all should take it this is jus beatiful🖤⬆️💀
Chelsyvmp Edits
Chelsyvmp Edits преди 6 дни
this song hits hard
nissa shamiza
nissa shamiza преди 6 дни
I teared up and goosebumps rose ... memories came crashing man
Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai :D
Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai :D преди 6 дни
Thank you for spreading awareness. People joke about dark subjects like suicide and stuff and it honestly pisses me off. They have no fucking clue what people dealing with ACTUAL DEPRESSION FEEL!!! (I’m not depressed) If you are depressed Jxden. And the other’s who see this comment. Just know that my prayers are going out to ya’ll. I hope God is listening. Have a good day/night everyone!!!
Ricca Donaire
Ricca Donaire преди 6 дни
I feel every word in this song. I kinda feel this is for me.
Inna Kudryavtseva
Inna Kudryavtseva преди 7 дни
Не зная перевода, но почувствовала энергетику видео... Теперь пытаюсь успокоится
Sofia Ladushkina
Sofia Ladushkina преди 7 дни
I am crying. God hear us. Thank you very much, dear Jxdn. God is pleased to work
Blanca Hernanz Salso
Blanca Hernanz Salso преди 7 дни
Jaden is the best tiktok boy, no discussion.
M Y преди 7 дни
I've watched and listened to this so many times. I've been struggling for so long and I'm on medication and I talk to a therapist but I still have the demons in my head with bad thoughts. This is the worst illness ever and so far I just cry in private and pray that things get better only because I know my kids, husband, and family would be devastated if I wasn't here anymore but that doesn't keep the feelings and thoughts away. This hits right at my heart knowing how broken I truly am but I have nobody to talk to that makes me feel better, I'm broken and I'm drowning....doesn't matter how old you are or what you've gone through or what help you get sometimes it's still there. Thanks Jxdn for doing what you do and being you....I know you've got to be helping so many people of all ages and situations.
vickiL1980 преди 7 дни
I'm broken. I'm so broken
M Y преди 7 дни
I feel you on this I truly do...broken and drowning.
Fatima преди 8 дни
Reasons to live: “Suicide doesn’t stop the pain,” “It gives it to someone else.” -1: We would miss you -2: It’s worth it to be alive -3: It does get better,believe it or not it will eventually get better. -4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing. -5: You are worth it don’t let anyone,even yourself tell you otherwise. -6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason. -7: There is always a reason to live! -8: So many people care about you -: You are amazing -10: I don’t even know you and I love you -11: I care for you -12: There are plenty of people that love you -13: Youre literally perfect!!
Ariana Dav
Ariana Dav преди 8 дни
I’m proud of you ♥️ I hope you’ll notice 🥺💕
Regina Veit
Regina Veit преди 8 дни
Obrigada por fazer uma música que trate de um tema tão delicado. Meu filho se suicidou em 2003 , aos 19 anos. E bem como tu retratou: tem coisas e segredos que os jovens as vezes não aguentam. Aqui no Brasil, isso é um tabu, estatísticas atrasadas e verdades escondidas. Espero que no teu país não seja assim. Amei tua música. Seja feliz sempre meu querido!
Babyderpking Yt
Babyderpking Yt преди 8 дни
I want to comit suaside
DJMichaelAngelo преди 8 дни
amazing video! so powerful & moving
Erola Vinyeta Ferreira
Erola Vinyeta Ferreira преди 8 дни
thank u jaden for trying to save my life, but i can't with more
Kat Hingle
Kat Hingle преди 8 дни
Thank you
Rūta Zvirgzdina
Rūta Zvirgzdina преди 8 дни
I like you 😘😘😘
Bella Marie
Bella Marie преди 8 дни
Hey stay in there Jaden! I know it seems hard right now and it’s ok! You know your friends are always there to talk! I love you
Landry Taylor
Landry Taylor преди 9 дни
Well I’m abt to cry now great 😃
Lana Roger
Lana Roger преди 9 дни
Did the lines he said at the end only make me cry or...
Paola Salgado
Paola Salgado преди 9 дни
Beautiful song
Paola Salgado
Paola Salgado преди 9 дни
This video makes me cry every single time I watch it
Londynn hein
Londynn hein преди 9 дни
Stop saying he not a tik toker he is but he also is a really great/amazing singer
rosa преди 9 дни
What the fuck is this I just wanna die
Cam Whyte
Cam Whyte преди 10 дни
doesnt everyone promise it gets better and never does
Merly briz
Merly briz преди 10 дни
¿Si traspaso a la madre por que no traspaso la puerta ? :v
Trista Evangeline
Trista Evangeline преди 10 дни
the song is so powerful. Such a bop
kiki !!
kiki !! преди 10 дни
damn. tysm for making this, really moving and important to see
Carlie Scollo
Carlie Scollo преди 10 дни
The end made me 🥺🥺😭😭😭
Maya преди 10 дни
Doesn't this deserve more likes? Literally relatable, I love this!
Lexis Blackwell
Lexis Blackwell преди 11 дни
And this ladies and gents is why I am still her❤️🖤
Jannah Yasser
Jannah Yasser преди 11 дни
2021 ANYONE?
Mariah Reynoldson
Mariah Reynoldson преди 11 дни
Thank u for doing this with ppl who r like me, who have depression, and suicidal thoughts and many other mental health problems
Ana Oliveira
Ana Oliveira преди 11 дни
I just want to say that at 16 I’m going to be dead so there’s only 3 left.
Trinidad Padilla
Trinidad Padilla преди 11 дни
Jaden te ano kazateh kon mikoh y tenkamos 2 ijos😍 azeptas?
Delfina Gimenez
Delfina Gimenez преди 11 дни
Sure you don't read this but thank you really, you're a great rason why I'm still here I love you Jaden ♥
Natalie Marte
Natalie Marte преди 11 дни
I'm here because of Nessa and honestly, I didn't think I would like him as an artist but this was a lot deeper than I thought. I'm really liking his music.
Fatima преди 12 дни
lamees Fahad
lamees Fahad преди 12 дни
This song when I hear it makes me cry, and his message at the end makes me cry even more
Ruby Kile
Ruby Kile преди 12 дни
I am not whatsoever labeling jxdn as a tiktoker anymore
Liv Grace
Liv Grace преди 12 дни
Right now I'm not scared to kill myself and I need help pls 😭
hanin poops
hanin poops преди 12 дни
"I pray to god that I die in my sleep"
vinous_tomato преди 12 дни
Does it really get better, or do we just get better at lying to ourselves?
Angela Mendez
Angela Mendez преди 12 дни
He is really talented he deserves all the HYPEEEEEEEE
Bryan Fleenor
Bryan Fleenor преди 12 дни
I my commented suicide last week 💔💔😭😭
sus boy
sus boy преди 13 дни
i just love this song.
Dina Alcaraz
Dina Alcaraz преди 13 дни
I love you
Alyssa Smallwood
Alyssa Smallwood преди 13 дни
jxdn this has probably saved my life
You know its cath
You know its cath преди 13 дни
I would give money but I dont have any because I'm a 15 year old and I'm in the uk anyway and none of the numbers and therapists I go see I still try I tried 2 days ago I'm sitting in a hospital bed at the moment and the sad thing is I've been on my own because no one could come with me because of covid
Isabella Palmer
Isabella Palmer преди 13 дни
love you jxdn, this is so amazing such a great song!
Marco Bradley
Marco Bradley преди 13 дни
this really had an affect on me, really hurts thank u thank u thank u jaden lov u
froggie 02
froggie 02 преди 13 дни
start: i pray to god i die in my sleep end: i pray to god i don't die in my sleep
Teddy bearlen
Teddy bearlen преди 13 дни
if you fell that no one loves you your wrong. because god loves you in all they ways you are that's why he made you . Have a good day and just pray to god and maybe try new tallents you never tryed before
Caty преди 13 дни
bro who TF is cutting onions... chill. p.s. I love you all and deserve the entire world. Stay strong. You are loved. Keep your head high.
Ana !
Ana ! преди 13 дни
i really really needed this, you have no idea..
The milk Man
The milk Man преди 14 дни
Selenia Schemmel
Selenia Schemmel преди 14 дни
Moi a la recherche de commentaires français
Drew Leach
Drew Leach преди 15 дни
The fact that I lost a close family member due to suicide and then almost lost another to suicide and then I lost a friend who was 15 due to suicide we need to help mental health and stop suicide
Gucci Queen
Gucci Queen преди 15 дни
Wow this was intense
call Ness
call Ness преди 15 дни
I feel that
Joshua Nieves
Joshua Nieves преди 15 дни
pluviophile преди 16 дни
Caitlin 3600
Caitlin 3600 преди 16 дни
LeafPlays преди 16 дни
Fun fact: Your reading this right now
lets play titanic, by michael clifford.
lets play titanic, by michael clifford. преди 6 дни
wowww :) (not being rude)
pluviophile преди 16 дни
Every SINGLE word is true
Ryen Smith
Ryen Smith преди 16 дни
Love Jaden absolutely love you but you kinda copied this entire idea off of Logic and his song. That's kinda wrong.
Emily Lindraz
Emily Lindraz преди 16 дни
omg, you are so amazing, congratulations, I wish you much success!!✨✨
таня сидяк
таня сидяк преди 17 дни
i`m alone,i wanna die
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